Buckley Hill Playset

Buckley Hill Playset

The Buckley Hill is the perfect playset for small yards and younger children. Whether you're scaling the rock wall to race down the 6 foot super speedy slide or draw a masterpiece on the chalkboard, there is plenty of play options for everyone. Catch some shade under the covered 3-foot-tall deck with 6 square feet of play space or feel the breeze whipping through your hair swinging away on the two belt swings. Rope swing chains ensure that there will be no pinched fingers as your children enjoy hours of fun outdoors.

What features does the Buckley Hill playset offer?

Raised fort with mesh panels to provide protection and visibility for parents

38cm x 38cm chalkboard

Rock wall ladder combo for a challenging climb or an easy step up

1.8m Super speedy slide for thrilling rides

Why is the Buckley Hill ideal for small yards?

The Buckley Hill playset is designed to maximize play options in a compact space, making it perfect for smaller yards. With its versatile features, children can enjoy a variety of activities without taking up too much room.

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